Pre-register attendees so that you know who will attend

List of services available

Keep track of service capacity

Your congregation can see which service times are available and still have space. Once capacity has been reached, the event will stop accepting registrations automatically.

Contact Information Form

Collect contact information

Contact information is collected by filling out a form or by logging in to Sunergo Connect. This information is added directly to your Church Tools’ contact records.

Waiver Form

Optional waiver check

Custom health questions or a waiver statement can be added if this is required as part of your planning. Registrants must agree to the statement before they can register.

Contactless Check-In at the Event

Icon for Host Check-In

Host Check-In

Greeters scan a QR code to check in your attendees.

Icon for Self Check-In

Self Check-In

Attendees check in themselves and their family from their device.

Icon for Walk-in Registrations

Walk-in Registrations

Visitors and those without a device can use Quick Check-In to register.

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Our centralized database allows all your staff to access the same up-to-date information on congregants to help you serve them better.

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Connect + Ministry Groups

A central place for all your leaders and members to communicate, share documents and schedule volunteer roles — all secured behind a user-specific login.

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