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Why Choose Sunergo?

As a Canadian non-profit company, owned and operated by Canadians who also serve in various local ministries, we understand that Canadian churches have unique needs.

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Data Storage

The Canadian Revenue Agency requires that all electronic data of registered charities, which includes churches, be kept on a Canadian server. This data includes governance documents, minutes from meetings of executives or members, and donation records. Even if these books and records can be accessed electronically in Canada from a remote server, CRA’s requirement has not been met because the server must be physically located in Canada.

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Instead of using our often weaker Canadian dollar to pay for an American product, churches can now pay in Canadian dollars. No longer do Canadian churches have to worry about fluctuations in exchange rates on a regular basis. Now churches can create more accurate yearly operating budgets.

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Donation Receipting

Sunergo helps churches follow the Canada Revenue Agency’s guidelines for donation receipts.

Our formats follow CRA guidelines so churches can issue donation receipts with ease.

We also store donation receipts permanently in accordance with CRA guidelines.

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Sunergo is a product of NCOL Ministries, a non-profit society based in British Columbia, Canada. We are dedicated to enabling the effective use of technology for our Canadian churches and parachurch organizations.

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