Connect your teams outside of ministry time

Icon for Quick Communication

Quick Communication

Have a contact list of all current volunteers in each ministry group. Quickly send out mass emails to the specific ministry group you want to reach.

Icon for Schedule Your Volunteers

Schedule Your Volunteers

Need to know when your team is available to serve? Volunteer Scheduling allows ministry leaders to create schedules that your team can add their availability directly.

Icon for Sharing Resources

Sharing Resources

Equip your volunteers by sharing resources such as lesson plans, visual materials, devotionals, and meeting minutes. Streamline training of new volunteers by posting materials and guidelines that they can learn online.

Help your teams stay organized during ministry time

Icon for Take Attendance

Take Attendance

Easily take attendance at your events for immediate feedback and insight into trends.

Icon for Learn Names

Learn Names

Print name tags and sign in sheets for any event or ministry group.

Icon for Track Points for Awards

Track Points for Awards

Award points to increase engagement in any category of your choice. Help children memorize Bible verses or encourage them to bring a friend to church.

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Our centralized database allows all your staff to access the same up-to-date information on congregants to help you serve them better.

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Event Registration

Our event registration system is easy-to-use and allows you to customize your events with different session options, early bird rates, discount codes, number of spots available, and custom attendee questions.

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