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Record Attendance Counts

Record summary attendance numbers that can be compared across time and age groups.

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Record Individual Attendance

Individual attendance is perfect for uses such as Sunday school classes so all teachers know who needs a follow-up.

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Attendance Lists

Create attendee lists that meet various criteria of your choice.

Be in the know so you can make informed decisions

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Get a general sense of your congregation by generating a report of birthdays, age range, neighbourhoods based on postal code, and more.

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Church Life Events

Church Life Events Reports can show you events that expire within a date range or events that happened within a certain time period. Find out which contacts match selected events and date range. Generate form letters to be sent to this particular group.

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Get reports on general or individual attendance as well as attendance filtered by ministry groups.

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Understand giving trends with reports that provide a summary of gifts over a certain time period broken down by payment type or designation fund. See individual giving profiles that include median and average gifts.

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Offer your people the freedom to securely give whenever, wherever, and however they want. Record gifts and manage receipts and instantly know the financial health of your church.

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Child Protection

For families, maintain up-to-date records for attendance, allergies and parent contact information. For volunteers, keep track of volunteer screening with automated reminders.

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