Streamline the tedious details of your camp and invest your time in your campers.

  • Flexible Reporting

    In the middle of a hectic day, you need to get the information you’re looking for as quickly as possible. Sunergo Camp Management includes a whole range of reports. Need to see all the campers with allergies in a certain camp? Need to know how many campers are in each skill block? Need to know who has paid for what? We’ve built reports for many of the day-to-day needs of a camp. We also have a powerful set of flex reports. These allow you to choose exactly what information you want to pull, from a number of different parts of the system, and view the final result on one screen.

  • Donations

    Camp donations are a vital part of your operations. Sunergo Camp Management is here to help. Create multiple designation funds for people to contribute to. Accept donations in two ways: via a public form and as part of the registration process (an opportunity is presented to the user to add a donation to their registration fees). With Sunergo Camp Management’s integrated credit card processing, the donations can be processed immediately and deposited directly into your account.

  • Skill Block Placements

    Does your camp allow campers to choose from a variety of activities? Do you enjoy trying to match up everybody’s requests with the available time slots? Our skill block placement engine takes all the requests taken from you registrations, the available slots you set up and matches up the requests with the available slots in minutes, saving what is normally hours of manual work.

  • Dashboard

    The very first screen provides you with a dashboard view of the most important information, all in one place. See how many registrations you have, your confirmed revenue, notifications of items needing review, alerts for camps that are nearing full and quick links to the most common tools in the system.

  • Children’s Camp Setup

Sunergo Camp Management gives you many options when it comes to camp setup. Set the dates, the fees, deposits, taxes, payment schedule, age ranges, number of camper spots, number of skill blocks (if you’d like to waitlist when full) and more. You can also decide on per camp basis which accommodations, skills and optional items for purchase will be available.

  • Family Camp Setup

Family camps are a little different that Children’s camps. We’ve built a tool that is specifically designed for family camps. In Sunergo Camp Management, you can set up family camps that have multiple accommodation types with differing costs. You can also set up different costs based on the age of each family member as well as an optional maximum family cost.

  • Camp Administration

When it comes time for a camp to start, you need all the information for that camp in one place. Sunergo Camp Management lets you see all the camp details, view cabin lists, medical reports, skill block assignments, receipts, optional item purchases and more on the same screen.

  • Discount Codes

    Discounts are sometimes an incentive and sometimes a way to give someone a break. Sunergo Camp Management allows you to set up discounts that are applied by entering a code or after a certain number of registrations. Discounts can be restricted by date, camp and fee type so they only are applied to what you want, when you want.

  • Optional Items

Registration is much more than simply the camp fees. Many camps have optional items such as t-shirts, camp videos, transportation and canteen money. You can set up these extra items and make them available on a per-camp basis. Putting these items in the registration process makes them easy to purchase and have them simply added to the registration fees.

  • Hosting

    Sunergo Camp Management is all web-based. This means you don’t need to install anything special at the camp, in fact, you don’t even have to be at the camp! All you need is an internet connection and you can log on to your secure camp management tools. Our servers are kept in a secure Class-A data centre and maintained by our professional staff. We manage the technical details so that you don’t have to worry.

  • Bulk Email

    With Sunergo Camp Management, you can send an email to all your campers, staff, donors or a smaller slice of your contacts list. You can filter the list by camp, age, year attended, registration status or payment status, allowing you to contact only the people you want to. These filters are great for letting previous campers what’s coming next year, sending out camp specific reminders or prompting people to pay the remaining balance of their registration fees.

  • Cabin Assignments

    For Children’s camps, you can assign each of the accommodations that will be available for that particular camp. Then, for each camp, you can list all the unassigned campers, along with their birthdate, gender and friend request in order to assign the cabins as you feel is best.

  • Email Campers

    Let’s face it, even while having an awesome time at camp, a note from home can be important. With Sunergo Camp Management, you can give parents a special access code so they can send notes to campers. This is just one small detail that can make all the difference.