Get a bird’s eye view of events and facility use

Image for All Ministries in One View

All Ministries in One View

Various ministries can consult the master church calendar when planning events to avoid conflicts. Color coded to show event types. Include birthdays and anniversaries.

Image for Facility Booking

Facility Booking

Book facilities and rooms to ensure everyone has an appropriate space for use.

Image for Calendar Privacy

Calendar Privacy

Keep private appointments private by designating events as “Public”, “Public to Office”, or “Personal”.

Easily share the calendar with your congregation

Calendar on your Website

If your church uses Sunergo Websites, your church calendar is viewable right from your website.

Subscribe to Your Calendar

Enable calendar subscription by using the link provided to import calendar into various calendar services. Now everyone in your congregation can stay informed on events that matter to them.

Print Your Calendar

Print custom versions of the calendar for display and planning purposes.

Handle registration and payments before the event even happens

Icon for Step 1

Step 1

Collect attendee contact information and more.

Icon for Step 2

Step 2

Register multiple attendees in one registration.

Icon for Step 3

Step 3

Choose optional sessions to attend.

Icon for Step 4

Step 4

Pay for the event by credit card directly on the form, or with cash or cheque later.

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